Insomnia affects nearly 70 million Americans. Those experiencing insomnia have lower productivity, are much more likely to fall asleep driving and are 28% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. Don’t let Insomnia drag you down.

Hypnotherapy will help you.

A safe solution for insomnia

A good nights sleep is crucial for your mental health. Insomnia affect millions of people around the world and can cause other medical issues such as anxiety, depression, and physical illness. Sleep disorders prevent us from falling asleep and if left untreated, it can get worse with time.

Sleeping pills can become an addiction as the effectiveness wears down over time. Hypnotherapy Institute is a virtual hypnotherapy solution that can help insomniacs get the sleep they want and need. We can teach you systematic tension releasing approaches before bed to help transition the body for rest.

Causes of insomnia can include:

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Night shift schedule
  • Medication & medical conditions
Depressed man suffering from insomnia lying in bed

You deserve a better night’s rest

You don’t have to keep suffering from insomnia. Hypnosis can help you relax, unwind and get the high-quality sleep you deserve to get. You can finally be alert and ready-to-go during the day.

Using mindful hypnotherapy, you will already be taking steps toward more restful nights. An important aspect of using hypnotherapy for insomnia is teaching your mind how to relax.

Generally, mental or physical stress is the root of difficulty sleeping. Hypnotherapy can help you dispel these problematic thoughts and help you achieve a sense of peace.

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