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During your first visit, your Hypnotherapist will inquire about your medical history and your desired outcome. They will explain what the process of hypnotherapy is and how it will benefit you. Before they begin the process, Hypnotherapy Institute will answer all of your questions, share the methodology of how our brains work, explain the theory behind “why we are who we are”, and make sure you are completely comfortable.

About Hypnotherapy Sessions

We Identify Your Goals and Desired Result

This is done in your free consultation and we build a strategy that we will use to help get you to your goal. Our Hypnotherapist treats each client differently and chooses the best methods of Hypnotherapy for you in order to bring you the most value and effective results.

Hypnotherapy Virtual Session

The session is done virtually and is referred to as “Telehealth” in the medical community. What’s great about Hypnotherapy is that you are able to do it anywhere in the world. During your free consultation, you will receive instructions for the session. One session lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

Effective Hypnotherapy Methods

Hypnotherapy Institute uses a multi-faceted approach, voice dialogue, neuro-linguistics and guided therapy and to dig deep to reveal the reason(s) behind what isn’t working for you. This creative process is crucial to a successful outcome. Once they gain and understanding of how your mind is currently wired, they can help you adjust your thinking to achieve your desired result.

How Do I know If Hypnotherapy is Right For Me?

Hypnotherapy is all about psychology. Understanding the troubles you have and moving past them. Sometimes you’re able to do this on your own and other times the problem is too deep and external help is needed. Hypnotherapy is a tool used to guide your mind in a way that allows you to move past the issue.


Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can make you feel alone or separated from other people. Issues with confidence can be resolved through Hypnotherapy.

Anger Management

Not being able to control your anger can lead to failed relationships, issues at work, and even run-ins with the law. Hypnotherapy can help with Anger management.


Motivation has a big affect on careers, relationships, and how we see ourselves in the mirror. People who want to change their view on goals with doubts, fears, and insecurity can change the journey they are on with hypnosis.


A good nights sleep is crucial for your mental health. Insomnia affect millions of people around the world and can cause other medical issues such as anxiety, depression, and physical illness.

Test Taking

High school and college students are deal with more stress and are under more pressure than ever before. The amount of anxiety caused by school exams like the LSAT, SAT, and GMAT can cause even the most amazing student to crumble.

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